Monday, May 10, 2021

The Many Hats of Small Business Owners

How Many Hats Do You Wear?

    This blog is a hat's off to all small business owners. It often feels that the endless list of tasks never stop, so take a minute and congratulate yourself for all that you accomplish everyday!

   It takes many different hats to run any small business. There are too many processes to name. As the weight gets heavy, it may be time to begin looking to outsource some of the load.

    When small business owners become overwhelmed with all the demands from business tasks, often the passion that was once felt is diminished. One of the benefits of owning a small business is the joy that comes from being a business owner.

    When doing research about running a small business, it is often recommended to begin outsourcing the areas of business that most affect the performance of growth for the business. I believe that the best part of running a business is the collaboration that grows between other small businesses, so I think it makes perfect sense to help other small businesses by planning to outsource the areas of the business I am not as strong in.

    Making those decisions can be very difficult, because it feels as if we are giving away part of ourselves. We are often very proud that we can wear the many hats it takes and do it all. I personally believe this is hurting us all, and that we should all work together to share business processes with each other, and share the hats among other small business owners. We all grow and are helping each other and our communities become stronger when we all work together.

    My hat is off to all of you that wear all the hats in your business, and I send the best of thoughts for your business to outgrow the desire to carry that heavy load alone! 

Disclaimer: This blog post is my personal opinion, and does not reflect any single source of material. It is not based on one item, but rather many various sites and reading along with my own heartfelt thoughts.



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